Shower Tray Logapul – Available in various colours

Slate, Stone and Smooth non-slip texture.
Made of last generation resin
(Lower weight than other resins: latest resin
generation 28 kg m2 – common resin 40
kg m2) and mineral loads in slate texture,
Stone and Smooth Non-slip.

More resistant. Both by blows and by treatment
during installation or transportation.

Steel grid. Stainless and highly durable
ISI 130 model, in addition to having
great resistance. Measurement: 15 x 15 cm.

custom. Possibility of doing it at any


2.8 cm non-slip Slate, Stone and Smooth texture. – Lower weight than other resins: Last generation resin 28 kg m2 (common resin 40 kg m2). – More resistant to both blows and treatment during installation or transportation. – Immediate delivery. – Made of latest generation resin and mineral fillers. – Antibacterial treatment included. – For custom cuts, apply a higher measurement. – Price for colors from the sample book included. – For RAL colors +20% – Matte steel grid: 15 x 15 cm.

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