Shower Tray Alba – Available in various colours

Blackboard texture. Made in resin and fillers
minerals on blackboard texture.

Steel grid. Stainless and highly durable
ISI 130 model, in addition to having
great resistance. Measurement: 50 x 14 cm.

Framed. Framed on three sides.

Custom length. Possibility of doing it in
any measure. Available widths: 70,
80 and 90 cm.

– Slate Texture 3 cm. Custom length.
– Immediate delivery.
– Made of resin and mineral charges.
– Antibacterial treatment included.
– For cuts to measure in length, apply a higher measure.
– For cuts in width, consult the factory.
– Price for colors from the sample book included.
– For RAL colors +20%

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