Damp-Proof Skirting White – MD359

Skirting board length 2 metres.

Material HDPS, Anti-humidity polymer.

Colour: primed in matt white, we recommend painting or choosing the lacquered option.

Dimensions: 200 x 7 x 1,6 cm, the pieces are easily joined together.

Minimum order 10 units. 1 unit is 2 metres, therefore 10 units are 20 linear metres.

The skirting boards made of HDPS (high density polymer) are impact resistant, immune to moisture, paintable and with a variety of different designs in shapes and sizes.

With prefabricated products we offer clean, dust-free installations that hardly require the use of water, which is fundamental in our commitment to environmental conservation. All surplus generated in the manufacturing process is taken to recycling points and reused for other purposes.


1- Water resistant: They can be installed in humid environments, such as bathrooms or even in the shower.

2- Hardness: They are very resistant to knocks, valid for installation in high traffic areas such as hotels, restaurants and public areas.

3- Paintable: Delivered primed in matt white for subsequent painting or the Supremesatin option with a satin white painted finish.

4- Installation: Quick, clean and simple. Ideal for renovations without building work.

5- Invisible joints: Using the recommended adhesives, you can achieve a continuous finish without joints.

6- Possibility of passing and hiding cables from behind in some models (make sure there is a hole on the inside).


All installations should be carried out on dry surfaces, for example if it is to be installed on a wall that has recently had perlite or a coat of plaster applied to it, it is important that this finish is completely dry in order for the adhesive to set properly.

“Moisture does not affect the skirting board but for it to bond properly it is important that the adhesive completes its bonding process”.

Mardom FIX PRO, is the generic adhesive for this skirting board, a multi-purpose acrylic that is used for 90% of installations. Easy to work with, it glues and seals at the same time and allows sanding and painting. It is recommended for areas where there is not too much humidity.

Mardom MAX, a high-tack polymer adhesive for bonding in damp or non-porous areas such as tiles.

Elastiplus, a joint filler, is recommended when a seamless installation is desired.

SupremeSatin paint: if you choose the lacquered option, we recommend that you buy a can of this paint, which is the same as the one used to paint the skirting board, so that you can go over imperfections or joints.

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