Bath Haiti Model

The bathtubs are conceived with the highest standards of quality and durability in a varied selection of styles, materials and shapes, offering from modern bathtubs to antique or classic bathtubs. Find the bathtub that best suits your style, from classic to contemporary. All Roca bathtubs are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Easy Maintenance: Our luxury bathtub not only offers a relaxing escape, but also makes it easy to maintain with materials that resist dirt build-up and are easy to clean.

Adaptable to Small Spaces: Make the most of your space with our bath which, despite its luxury, is designed to fit into smaller spaces, allowing you to enjoy indulgence without compromising on comfort.

Simple Installation: Designed with user comfort in mind, our bathtub is quick and easy to install, giving you bathing pleasure without the hassle and time-consuming installation process.

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