08 Electric Towel Rails 920×480

Electric towel rails  towel dryer white TESLA 920×480. Low consumption 500W, made of white lacquered steel with 18 tubes.

Electric towel rail TES, with electronic thermostat for temperature control. Finished in white. With 18-tube format, similar to the standard heating circuit. White lacquered steel tubes. The 500w of power have more than enough capacity to dry or heat towels without increasing the electrical consumption of the house. Easy and quick assembly. Cable and plug included. On/off button. Ideal for integration in a design environment. ? Versatile electric towel rail towel rail, can be used in winter as a towel rail radiator and in summer it remains a towel rail with towel bars ? For quick and easy vertical installation, including electrical connection. Will not rust in humid environments ? Towel rail towel dryer for the bathroom, largely prevents the creation of an atmosphere that can create damp spots on the ceiling and walls ? Low power consumption, 500w to keep your energy savings tight and keep towels dry and/or warm when you need them ? Uniform and constant heat throughout the towel drying area with low power consumption.

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