06 Electric Towel Rails 800×500

Electric towel rails  to be integrated in hot water circuit, steel tubes white lacquered finish 800×500. Valid for standard heating network.

towel dryer radiator for the bathroom. this type of radiator is used both to heat the bathroom and to dry or heat towels. the operating system is very simple, it is connected to the heating network and works at the same time as the rest of the radiators in the house. we recommend this type of radiator for the bathroom for its convenience when drying towels in the bathroom. material steel connections 1/2″ horizontal tubes 22 maximum operating pressure 8 bar maximum operating temperature 90 ºc white finish ral 9016 vertical installation number of tubes 16. ? Towel dryer radiator with steel tubes for the bathroom, avoids, to a large extent, the creation of an environment that can generate damp stains on the ceiling and walls ? The radiator heats evenly and can be used for heating / drying towels over its entire surface; it is installed and used with the standard hot water circuit of the heating system in the rest of the house ? Compatible with the standard heating connections of the house; installation similar to that of other radiators that can be done by the same company that does your renovation? In addition to the radiator itself, a fixing pack is included for its correct installation; this product works with a maximum pressure of 1,500 kpa ? Keeps towels dry and keeps them warm, as well as heating the room as a radiator; suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and cloakrooms.

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