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SQUARE – Complete compact wall-mounted toilet with dual outlet (includes bowl, bottom-feeding cistern and Supralit® cushioned lid)

Our reputation for quality and assurance is built on a century-long history of exceptional craftsmanship in the production of sanitary porcelain. Discover the diversity of designs we offer, from low tank, wall-hung, high tank or built-in toilets to the innovative In-Tank series. Each model incorporates the latest technology, prioritizing hygiene and simplifying toilet cleaning. With our toilets, we turn bathroom spaces into truly distinctive places, thanks to their exclusive and functional designs.


Complete wall-mounted compact low-tank toilet package consisting of dual outlet bowl, bottom feed tank with feed mechanism and 4.5/3L dual flush mechanism, Supralit® lid and seat with cushioned drop.

Shape: Square

Position of water intake: Lower left

Discharge system: Drag

Installation type: Free standing

Outlet type: Dual (vario)

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